The New Ride Like a Pro DVD


The New Ride Like A Pro DVD contains all the information from my previous Ride Like a Pro DVD’s plus, much more! NEW Ride Like a Pro just released, March 2012.

· More tips and tricks for handling heavy weight motorcycles.
· Even easier explanations in a simple step by step format.
· You’ll see the common mistakes riders make and how to avoid those mistakes.
· Camera angles from the rider’s point of view in front, behind and above.
· You’ll see riders who have learned the three motor officer techniques directly from my last DVD.  You’ll see how they did it and how you can do the same thing.
· Five women riders on heavyweight motorcycles as well as five men riders demonstrate the techniques with confidence and ease.
· You’ll see new, challenging exercises made simple and easy.

In this DVD we use a wide variety of motorcycles from luxury tourers to sport bikes and everything in between. Running time, 2 hours.

Review from a current customer of our NEW Ride Like a Pro Video:

I have to admit that I was a little bit hesitant to order the new RLAP DVD as I was concerned that it would just be a duplicate of the others that I have - RLAP V & Learn to Ride the Easy Way. (The 'Learn to Ride...' DVD is geared toward really new riders and I highly reccomend it if you are just starting out or have never ridden a motorcycle before.) With that being said, I am happy to say that my concerns about the new RLAP being a duplicate were all for nothing! I absolutely love this new DVD! Yes, the exercises that you go through are similar to RLAP V, but the way they are presented are SO much better. You get shown a diagram of the exercise by "Motorman" plus you get excellent instructions as they demonstrate on their bikes each of the exercises. There are also 'extras' on the new DVD that are not on the RLAP V version. I also love Victoria! At 4'11" she just amazed me while whipping the big bikes around - especially the GoldWing! I could go on and on about this fantastic DVD, but you will just have to buy one and see how great it is!

Joan Imes - Bixby, Oklahoma

The New Ride Like a Pro DVD
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